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Finbar Furey tours extensively, bringing his rare talents to a world-wide stage and treats audiences to evenings of pure Irish magic, great music, good humour, and the charm and sparkling wit associated with one ofIreland's great raconteurs.
He comes from a unique pedigree - an all Ireland Uillean Pipe Champion and whistle player, singer/songwriter as well as playing 5-string banjo, and guitar. Finbar has been round the block many times with brother Eddie, recording for Transatlantic records in the 60's and achieving fame as lead singer/ frontman of The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur.
Now he works solo, which balancing his folk roots with songs such as now and forever to his voice such as 'New York Girls' which was his handlebar moustache swinging contribution to Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York...... In 1972 John Peel gave Finbar, along with his brother Eddie, their big break by voting them act of the year.Their music was phenomenal because it was a new sound - Irish (Uillean) Pipes with Guitar and voice, which up till then had not been done.)  Subsequently of course the format was used everywhere from Planxty to Rver Dance, Braveheart to Hailey
Westenra. It was modern music, with an ancient root. The music came from the Irish Gypsy community and when it met the psychedelic era, a new sound was born.
When the younger brothers Paul and George joined the fold, several years later, success and appeal remained as strong as ever and The Fureys soon reaped their reward and enjoyed a string of best selling records all over the world. These gems, with Finbar as lead singer of the Fureys, included When You Were Sweet Sixteen, Leaving Nancy, Tara Hill, Green Fields of France, Red Rose Cafe and The Lonesome Boatman. These were released alongside such albums as Sweet Sixteen, Golden Days, the End of the Day, Claddagh Road and Winds of Change. In Britain, they became one of the first Irish folk groups to play on Top of the Pops.
In 1993, with The Fureys at the height of their international popularity and after nearly thirty years as the group's front man, Finbar decided the time was right to take a break (for the time being at least). It was the ideal climate in which to step aside and pursue his solo career, to present his definitive one-man show and to explore new pastures as a singer, producer and writer. Since making his decision to step aside, Finbar's reputation has increased with every performance. Following the release of several chart topping albums and EP&'s, including 'The Wind and The Rain' (1997), 'Chasing Moonlight' (2003) and 'Colours' (2012) Finbar appeared on RTE's new music show "The Hit" in 2013. His single 'The Last Great Love Song' introduced Finbar and his music to a
whole new generation of fans, with 'The Last Great Love Song' being voted "The Ultimate Hit" by the public as well as topping the Irish singles charts.